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Don't see the class you'd like to take scheduled here? Contact me - we can come up with something!

NEW!!! SPECIAL CLASS AT THE ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston) - 

Pick either date! Friday, August 16th or Friday, August 23rd, 1-2pm, FREE!

Learn, play, and create in this beginner-friendly, adult watercolor class. Relax by the Boston harbor and let the colors of your environment inspire you. With the guidance of Boston-based watercolor artist Lisa Goren, participants will be encouraged to get messy, embrace mistakes, and create something uniquely their own. 


While all experience levels are welcome, this workshop is designed for adult audiences. 


This series has been organized to accompany the exhibition— Firelei Báez. Báez’s exuberant, colorful artworks contain complex and layered uses of pattern, decoration, and abstract gestures alongside symbols rooted in Afro-Caribbean cultures. 

Watercolor Workshop - Foundations/Loosen Up!

Why are people afraid of watercolor? This is a workshop to help you relax and learn to love the medium. Using a wet-on-wet approach, we’ll demolish the old tropes – yes, you CAN change things, no, “mud” does NOT have to be the usual result of color mixing, controlling the “uncontrollable” IS possible, and MORE!
We focus on working with water, learning how to mix colors, understanding paper, and using the strengths (and weaknesses) of the medium to your advantage. 
Within these hours (including a ½ hour for lunch), we’ll work lots of wet paint along with using many different surfaces and methods.
This is a workshop that focuses on new techniques, learning to control the uncontrollable, and having a blast with this amazing medium. It is a great workshop for beginners as well as those who are looking to shake up their practice.

Local Boston! Eliot School - Sunday, June 23rd, 10am-2pm, 24 Eliot Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Provincetown Art Association - (New Date!) Thursday and Friday, August 8th and 9th, 10am-3pm, 460 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA

Watercolor Workshop - Paint a Landscape/Seascape

Focus in this class will be creating a landscape or seascape during the session from your own photos (or ones provided)

It is helpful to have taken my Wet-on-Wet workshop before this course but it isn’t required.

This will be scheduled again in the new year - contact me if you're interested.

Deep Dive - Painting Water 


Watercolors offer an exciting and unique way to connect with this molecule that makes up most of our planet. But painting it – ugh! This 4 hr. workshop will include several exercises that will help you see different ways to approach this wonderful subject. The first half of the class will focus on these unique exercises after which we’ll take a ½ hour lunch.

The second half will focus on creating a painting with water as an integral part of the piece. While I’ll have some suggestions for that painting, you’re also welcome to bring a subject you’d like to paint so that you can get started on a painting you’d like to do.

We’ll work very wet (it’s water after all!) and these exercises may blow your mind – we’ll change the mindset that water is the most difficult subject!

It is helpful to have taken my Foundations workshop before this course but it isn’t required.

This will be scheduled again in the new year- contact me if you're interested.

Marketing for Artists With Jennifer Okumura

'Marketing and Social Media as part of your creative Arsenal'

Next scheduled workshop: VIRTUAL Soon to be scheduled again!

The first hour will be about getting your “marketing house” in order with Lisa, and the second hour will be social media with Jennifer.

$75 RSVP




Working LARGE in watercolor is a challenge. How do you keep the paper flat? Where do you start? Waiting for paint to dry! What if you “mess up”?


Each student will bring their own project that they want to work on. I will be in touch with everyone before the workshop begins to make sure that you’re prepared. And each student will work on either a full sheet of paper (22” x 30”) or a full square (22” x 22”). (There will be an opportunity to purchase paper through the class if you don’t have any.)

Throughout the 5 hour workshop (with ½ hour for lunch), we’ll stop at points to go over specific strategies using lifting, advance planning with water and paint, and more.

You may not have a finished piece or you may have more than one. This is a workshop to help you GO BIG in watercolor.

This will be scheduled again in the new year - contact me if you're interested.


Breaking the Rules with Sarah and Lisa

Come join this workshop consisting of three, 3-hour classes in which Sarah and Lisa BREAK the “supposed to’s” that are commonly found in watercolor and acrylic (collage) techniques. If you are looking to shake up your practice and to find new ways to experience joy in your art, this is the place for you!


CLASS ONE - (“The Messy Throw-Down”): We’ll examine THE RULES: 1. Those From Which you Cannot (Must Not!!) Deviate, and 2. Those Which Keep You “On-Track”.

Each participant will have a few minutes to talk about these two kinds of Rules.

CLASS TWO – “Backwards and Forwards”

We will discuss back to front, (and the reverse) Backgrounds and Protagonists (foregrounds): Three Ways to Break Down the “Back” and the “Front”

CLASS THREE – “Undrawing Lines”/”Forget The Brush”

Using unusual implements (for mark-making and painting), and learning unusual ways to lift watercolor, you will discover rule-breaking methods for watercolor and acrylic.

This will be scheduled again in the new year - contact me if you're interested.

Photo of Lisa Goren doing a watercolor demo
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